digital innovation

Innovation and technology go hand in hand.
Technology can be associated with world
changing innovation, but also incremental
business improvements on a smaller scale.

What sort of initiatives can we help with?

Managing ideas

Idea management tools allows employees to work on ideas together from new products to process improvements.


Improving communication and collaboration in the office and working remotely via cloud and mobile tools can help with employee motivation.

Monitoring performance (insights)

The more you know, the better decisions you can make. Help focus your innovation efforts based on reliable dashboards and performance metrics.

Tracking customer satisfaction

using technology to get great customer feedback can lead to innovations in marketing and product improvements.

How have we helped?

The Problem

  • Large industry demand for kiwifruit meant more support needed for growers to maximise quality of fruit.
  • Multiple locations with large amount of data needing to be centralised.

The Outcome

  • Immediate short term initiatives implemented that supported business goal of operational excellence with centralised real time data.
  • Identified future technologies needed for EastPack to achieve its long-term vision of the consumer being the first person to touch a kiwifruit.
Through continued support from an ever-increasing number of grower shareholders, EastPack has grown to become the largest post-harvest service provider with some of the most sophisticated equipment in the industry.