Laser focus on the initiatives
that matter most

Rapidly visualise your company’s priorities in order of benefit
and impact, then compare against risk and cost.
Increase your chances of success on the projects that matter.

Why would my business need Stack Portfolio?

  • Frustrated executive because projects take longer than expected
  • Project overrun and unmanaged scope slippage
  • Different teams trying to solve the same problem (e.g. marketing v IT – shadow cloud)
  • Spending more than required on non-priority projects rather than on projects with higher business benefit
  • ‘Siloed’ teams working on different priorities, sometimes without alignment
  • Resource (HR) clashes
  • Not enough time in the day due to context switching
  • Inefficient delivery of business outcomes, due to limited planning

Stack Portfolio gives you frameworks, digital tools and templates to help pull initiatives into a single place so executive leaders can prioritise business decisions.

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